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17 Best Blogger Outreach Tools In 2024 [In-Depth Review]

Are you looking for the best blogger outreach tools? Spoiler alert: there aren’t that many on the market.

Most tools handle only parts of standard outreach workflows and lack features that could handle others. 

  • So, in the first part of this guide, we’ll give you a list of the most comprehensive tools for blogger outreach. 
  • In the second part, we’ll mention the best point solutions you can use to solve additional tasks, such as validating your prospects and creating content.

Note that we are not affiliated with the tools or companies we mention below. This list reflects our personal opinions and experiences.

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  • Best blogger outreach tool overall: BuzzStream
  • Best AI-powered blogger outreach tool: Postaga
  • Best for link building: Pitchbox
  • Best for influencer and journalist prospecting: Meltwater
  • Best for content marketing: BuzzSumo
  • Contact information verifiers & finders: GetProspect, Hunter
  • Website Analysis Tools: Ahrefs’ Website Authority Checker, Semrush’s Traffic Analytics 
  • Topic Discovery Tools: Semrush’s Topic Research, Google Trends, Also Asked
  • Content Creation Tools: SurferSEO’s Content Editor, Loom, Giphy, DALL-E 3, Canva

A Typical, 7-Step Blogger Outreach Workflow

A typical blogger outreach workflow consists of 7 key steps: 

  • Finding relevant prospects — Identifying bloggers and websites that align with your target audience and industry.
  • Verifying contact information — Ensuring that your prospects’ contact details are accurate and up-to-date.
  • Validating the blogs — Typically involves assessing the credibility, traffic, and engagement of your selected blogs.
  • Developing content ideas — Brainstorming and creating content ideas that will resonate with the target blog's audience.
  • Sending your pitch — Introducing yourself and your content idea to the blogger.
  • Closing the deal — Finalizing the collaboration details; is often preceded by several follow-up emails.
  • Creating content — Producing high-quality content that meets the agreed-upon guidelines and helps you reach your marketing goals.

Below, you’ll find tools that can facilitate — or even automate — many of these steps.

Best Blogger Outreach Tools

As mentioned, we’ll start by listing the five most comprehensive blogger outreach tools we've reviewed. Again, keep in mind that these may not be suitable for everything you need to do to successfully publish your content or promote your business on another blog. The rest of the list should cover your other needs.

1) BuzzStream

BuzzStream home page
  • Pricing starts at: Free trial / $24/month

BuzzStream is our favorite all-in-one blogger outreach tool. It covers all major areas of blogger outreach for an extremely affordable price. 

This is its biggest advantage over other outreach tools we’ve reviewed. Most lack at least one key feature. For example, some don’t let you collaborate with your team members; others don’t provide contact information of your prospects. BuzzStream is the most comprehensive, while also being the cheapest.

Prospect finding & research

There are many ways to find and research your prospects with BuzzStream. 

  • The tool’s proprietary extension, BuzzMarker, lets you save contacts directly from the websites you visit. You can also add multiple prospects to your Research List directly from the SERPs with just a couple of clicks.
  • Within the tool, you can also find prospects based on your target keywords, and choose whether to search solely news articles or the entire web.
  • Finally, you can also import your existing prospects to ensure you have them all in one place.

Smart, personalized, and automated email outreach

BuzzStream checks all the boxes when it comes to email outreach. It allows you to:

  • send automated follow-ups; 
  • personalize your emails based on your conversation history, notes, and even your contact’s recent posts;
  • use pre-built templates or create and save your own;

And, honestly, so much more. You can also send emails using BuzzMarker if you want to contact your prospects while you’re still on their website.

Analytics and management tools

BuzzStream makes it easy to organize your blogger outreach campaigns. You can assign contacts to different team members, easily check the status of each relationship you’re trying to build, create notes, etc. 

Also, BuzzStream has a comprehensive performance measurement toolkit. It helps you understand the performance of different outreach campaigns and different team members.

2) Postaga

Postaga home page
  • Pricing starts at: Free trial / $84/month (if paid annually)

Postaga is an AI-powered tool that can automate huge parts of your outreach workflow, making it our second choice after BuzzStream. It also has a comprehensive suite of standard outreach tools:


Postaga helps you identify link building and PR opportunities based on the campaign you’re running. It also equips you with your prospects’ contact information and social media accounts.

Email outreach

Postaga has an extensive template library with done-for-you emails and allows for extensive sequence automation. All emails can be personalized, and you don’t even need to personalize them yourself—just let Postaga’s AI-powered Outreach Assistant do it for you.

For example, the assistant can identify blog posts previously published by your prospect and reference them in your outreach email. 

Campaign generator

Postaga will automatically suggest high-converting outreach campaigns based on your site and the topics you currently cover. The suggestions can be tailored to a number of desired outcomes, from getting your products reviewed to booking podcast appearances. 

3) Pitchbox  

Pitchbox home page
  • Pricing starts at: $165 /month (if paid annually)

Pitchbox is primarily used as a link building software, so it’s no surprise it comes with many link building-oriented features. However, it also comes with a comprehensive suite of outreach tools; you shouldn’t lack anything with Pitchbox.

Still, we decided to place it in the third spot due to its price. It’s almost 2x more expensive than Postaga, and almost 7x more expensive than BuzzStream. The price doesn’t make sense unless you’ll use it for link building, too.

SEO-focused prospecting

Pitchbox primarily relies on SERP-based prospecting. 

You can find top-performing articles on the SERPs based on your target keywords and topics, or even limit your search to product review sites only.

Alternatively, you can import domains from other SEO tools, as well as access any relevant data you have stored on Ahrefs, Semrush, Majestic, Moz, and LinkResearchTools.

Link and campaign management tools

As mentioned, Pitchbox is extremely oriented toward link building. It comes with features that let you monitor your competitors’ backlinks, remove your own harmful backlinks, and even monitor selected sites for broken links you could replace with your own.

Pitchbox also has features geared toward campaign performance and management. 

You can use it to track the success of your campaigns, monitor your team’s activity, and more.

Email outreach

Much like BuzzStream, Pitchbox lets you leverage pre-built templates, set up automated follow-ups, and assign different email campaigns to different team members.

4) Meltwater

Meltwater home page
  • Pricing starts at: N/A

Meltwater (previously known as Klear) is an outreach tool packed with other relevant features, like consumer and sales intelligence tools and reports. However, it is primarily focused on helping you find and build relationships with journalists and influencers. Some of them may also be bloggers, but you’ll have to dig deeper to find out.

Influencer and journalist prospecting

Meltwater’s global media database lets you quickly find journalists in your desired niche, location, and more. It also has a database of over 30 million influencer profiles you can search through based on different topics, text, or even images.

Prospect management and outreach

Meltwater comes with many in-built management and outreach tools. For example, you can use it to:

  • Send personalized emails and in-app messages;
  • Create in-app contracts and make payments;
  • Generate pitches and press releases with generative AI.


Finally, Meltwater comes with many different analytics tools — from those that help you vet different influencers and measure your team’s performance to those that help you determine campaign success.

5) BuzzSumo

BuzzSumo home page
  • Pricing starts at: Free trial / $159/month (if paid annually)

BuzzSumo is even more comprehensive than BuzzStream, but the hefty price tag makes it our fifth choice for blogger outreach. 

It’s also slightly more oriented toward content marketing in general, and less on blogger outreach in specific. This may be a drawback if you’re solely planning to use it for outreach. The many content marketing features can make it more difficult to use and certainly influence the price.

Finding top relevant-to-you influencers

BuzzSumo takes finding great prospects to the next level by showing you their level of influence across the web and, more specifically, social media. 

  • By searching for a relevant topic, you won’t just get a list of top-ranking articles, but also see how much engagement they got on Facebook, Pinterest, Reddit, and other social media.
  • You can also check exactly who shared the article and get relevant stats, such as their page authority, number of followers, and more.
  • Similar stats are available for article authors as well.

Monitoring tools

With BuzzSumo, you can create personalized alerts for topics, brands, and products you want to monitor. Alerts can also be set for influencers you want to follow, so you can be the first to engage with their content and build strong relationships.

Missing features

Using BuzzSumo for blogger outreach is not the best choice if: 

  • You want to email your prospects. BuzzSumo doesn’t show or collect your prospects’ email addresses. It does, however, show you their social media accounts, so you can engage with them there. 
  • You want to do email outreach. Sending emails via BuzzSumo is not possible. The tool also doesn’t have other features essential for email outreach, such as automated follow-up emails and related project management features.

Contact Information Verifiers & Finders

Verifying and/or finding additional contact information for your prospects may be next on your to-do list. These two tools can help you do that for free.

6) GetProspect

GetProspect home page
  • Pricing starts at: $0/month 

GetProspect can help you find and verify your prospects’ emails and even phone numbers. Alternatively, if you already have a prospect’s email address, you can enter it to find more information about them and personalize your outreach emails.

7) Hunter

Hunter home page
  • Pricing starts at: $0/month 

Hunter can also help you find and verify your prospects’ email addresses, as well as help you find new prospects to pitch to.

Website Analysis Tools

Before you reach out to bloggers, you may want to check if getting backlinks or publishing content on their website actually makes sense. This can entail checking their traffic, domain authority, or other credibility and quality signals. These two tools can help with that:

8) Ahrefs’ Website Authority Checker

Ahrefs Website Authority Checker tool
  • Pricing starts at: Free 

Domain authority (DA) is a proprietary measure developed by Ahrefs to predict how likely a website will rank on the SERPs (and, consequently, how much traffic it will get). It doesn’t guarantee search engine rankings, but it’s a good indicator of site quality. 

The higher a site’s DA score is, the higher quality it is considered to be — and the more impact it will have on your own site’s authority if it will link to you.

9) Semrush’s Traffic Analytics Tool

Semrush Traffic Analytics tool
  • Pricing starts at: Free trial / $108.33/month (if paid annually)

No third-party tool can perfectly calculate how much traffic a website gets. However, tools like Semrush’s Traffic Analytics can give you a good-enough estimate. 

Publishing your content on blogs with high traffic leads to more visibility. However, such blogs are also likely to have higher standards for who they feature and charge a higher price.

P.S. Semrush also comes with some standard blogger outreach features. For example, it allows you to email prospects directly from the dashboard. 

Topic Discovery Tools

Whether or not bloggers will want to publish or link to your content highly depends on the topics you cover. Find the right topics with these tools.

10) Semrush’s Topic Research Tool

Semrush Topic Research tool

  • Pricing starts at: Free trial / $108.33/month (if paid annually)

Semrush can also help you generate content ideas based on the general topics you enter. It will automatically create related topic cards with more specific subtopics. 

For example, let’s say you enter “AI.” The tool may create topic cards titled “Big Data” and “Data Governance.” Within those cards, you could find subtopics like “How Big Data and AI Work Together” and “Principles for AI Governance in Business” respectively. You can use them as your headlines.

The topic cards also show you related FAQs, estimated traffic, and topic difficulty.

11) Google Trends

Google Trends home page
  • Pricing starts at: Free

Google Trends helps you find trending topics, either based on a keyword you enter or in general. Trending topics are topics that people increasingly search for on Google. Most bloggers will want to publish content about such topics, as it usually ranks well and can get great traffic.

12) AlsoAsked

AlsoAsked home page
  • Pricing starts at: Free trial / $12/month (if paid annually)

Answering questions people frequently have about a topic can make for great content. AlsoAsked helps you find such questions. On a free plan, you get 3 free searches every day.

Content Creation Tools

The last step is creating the content you've settled on with your selected blogger. Here are several tools that can help speed up the process and improve the end result.

13) SurferSEO’s Content Editor

SurferSEO home page
  • Pricing starts at: Free trial / $69/month (if paid annually)

SurferSEO’s Content Editor helps you optimize your content by suggesting keywords to use based on top-ranking search results. Its AI can also generate content briefs and outlines, or automatically optimize your content.

14) Loom

Loom home page
  • Pricing starts at: $0/month

Video content can increase organic traffic by 157% and boost website dwell time by 88%. You can create yours for free with Loom. There’s also a Google Chrome extension that can help you record them faster. 

15) Giphy

GIPHY home page
  • Pricing starts at: Free

Enrich your content and engage users with GIFs. Go to GIPHY and find embed links there.

16) DALL-E 3

DALL-E 3 home page
  • Pricing starts at: $0/month

Add AI-generated art to your content with DALL-E 3, a text-to-image tool by OpenAI. The tool is integrated with ChatGPT, so you can enter your text prompts and receive images there.

17) Canva

Canva home page
  • Pricing starts at: $0/month

Alternatively, use Canva to create visual content through your own efforts. Choose between a number of pre-built templates or start from scratch. Simply drag and drop any eleements you want to add.

How To Use Blogger Outreach Tools For Maximum Results

Even the best blogger outreach tool doesn’t guarantee results. 

Success in blogger outreach largely depends on the quality of your campaigns. 

Here’s how to make yours better:

1) Define Success

Define your monthly or even weekly goals. Be specific:

  • How many new prospects do you need to find?
  • How many links/guest posts/etc. do you want? 
  • What’s your target conversion rate

Establishing your goals in advance will help you better assess your blogger outreach campaigns. If they didn’t lead to your desired results, they probably need fixing — or, perhaps, your goals need reviewing. 

2) Show Up Prepared

Research your prospects before contacting them, so you can make an offer they actually want or need. This will also help prove your reliability.

3) Praise, Proof, Preview

Your emails can make or break your outreach campaign. They need to be engaging, convincing, and enticing — so that the recipients read them, believe them, and want to act on them.

Easier said than done, right?

Luckily, there are formulas you can use to write emails that check off all three boxes.

Our favorite one is the 3P formula:

  • Praise“I just read your article on marketing funnels. It’s hands down the best resource on the topic I’ve ever seen. I actually forwarded the link to my entire team.”
  • Proof “5 years ago, we developed our proprietary Smart Keyword Research system. So far, it has helped 70+ B2B brands get qualified leads and increase their conversions by 237% on average.”
  • Preview“It goes against the grain, and is based on ZSV keywords that most people avoid. I’d like to explain why that’s a big mistake and what they’re missing out on.”

You don't have to follow the formula to a T. Feel free to experiment with it and see what works for you.

4) Make The Ask

Don’t forget the most important part: asking the blogger to do (or give you) what you want. 

Do this at the end of your email: 

“Would you be interested in me sharing this system in a guest post? I think it’d be a great addition to your funnel article.”

5) Follow Up

On average, follow-up emails get 40% more responses compared to initial emails.

So, if you don't get a reply to your initial email within a few days, send a follow-up.

(You can schedule and send it automatically with some of the outreach tools we’ve mentioned.)

6) Optimize

Monitor your outreach analytics and make changes to your campaign if necessary. 

Even small tweaks, like adding your recipient’s name to the email, can increase your conversion rates.

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