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With our premium link-building service, anyone can start moving up in the SERPs in a matter of weeks.

Our link-building specialists are based in New York and ready to start building high-quality links to your site, right now.

Additionally, all purchased links are backed with an ironclad lifetime guarantee. So, you get new links or a refund if the links you’ve bought ever go down.

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You could boost your rankings in as little as 28 days with premium links   

Time and time again, it’s been proven that two factors impact search engine rankings:

You decide how many links you want. But we take it upon ourselves to find and offer you premium-quality backlinks, so you can start ranking as fast and high as possible.

Here’s the thing: higher-quality links can yield first results in as little as 4 weeks. And the sites they’re pointing to typically move over ~5 spots after 22 weeks. 

On the flip side, sites with lower-quality links don’t even see a full one-spot jump after the same time period. They also wait longer to get the first results:

Average Increase in Rank by DA Range

(Source: Moz)

Here’s what the chart shows:

But 50 is not the maximum DA score a site can have. Actually, DA scores range between 0 and 100. 

So, based on this research, we can conclude that sites with scores above 50 could yield results even faster. That’s why we mainly focus on building links on such sites. But more on that later. 

You could easily outrank most competitors with only a few premium links 

Over 65% of web pages have no backlinks. And those that do usually have low-quality links because links of higher quality are difficult to acquire

That could be good news for you. You (or your clients) could outrank most competitors by getting only a few new high-quality links every month. Easy-peasy. 

The only problem is that building links on authoritative websites takes more time than average founders, SEOs, or full-stack marketing agencies have. In fact, more than 60% of businesses outsource their link-building efforts. 

If you’re looking to do the same, our link-building company can help.

We’ve been building links on high-authority websites for almost a decade

For the past 8+ years, we’ve been helping site owners build links on high-quality websites like Forbes, Entrepreneur, and NYU

But we ensure our clients get only premium links even when we’re building them on lesser-known sites. 

We manually assess the quality of each and every prospect link using our proprietary 12-point backlink quality check. Here’s just a snippet of what that process entails:

Keep in mind that no link-building agency can guarantee results. Those that do are scammers or amateurs at best. But by getting you premium links, we give you the best possible chance to rank. 

Our link-building services 

We can handle your link-building campaign from start to finish using proven link-building tactics in the order you’ll see below. But you can also choose just one link-building service you want us to focus on. Whichever you prefer.

1) In-depth backlink audit

First, we’ll analyze your current link profile. That way, we’ll identify gaps and unhealthy links that could harm your rankings and your site’s overall success:

Example of a backlink audit

2) Organic keyword audit 

Next up, we’ll identify the keywords you currently rank for and suggest new, high-impact keywords you could (and should) target. 

3) Competitor backlink analysis

We’ll reveal the sites linking to your competitors but not to you, so you can steal their links or simply gain new ones on sites that are relevant to your industry:

4) Broken link-building

If possible, we’ll also focus on broken link-building as part of your link-building campaign. 

Broken links are links that lead to 404 pages, i.e., pages that no longer work.

Our experts will identify such links on relevant websites and replace them with links to your site. 

5) 100% safe blogger outreach

Many link builders get links from PBNs or guest post farms — basically, sites that could damage your search rankings in the long run. 

We never do that. Instead, we manually reach out to owners of selected sites. That takes more time, but it ensures you never get penalized for using black hat link-building tactics.

6) Premium content writing 

We’ll place your links within high-quality content written specifically for you by native English writers.

7) White hat niche edits

We’ll also insert your links within existing content on relevant websites for maximum results.

8) Regular quality checks

You’re not left on your own after we build your links. We track every link we ever acquired for you as part of our link-building services. 

If we notice it got taken down or that the site is deindexed, we’ll immediately notify site owners, get you a new link, or give you a refund. 

SEO link-building services tailored to your needs

White label link-building 

No matter how small or big, we’ll fulfill all your clients’ link-building needs and happily let you take the credit for our work. 

Learn more about white label link-building.

Startup link-building

Most founders don’t have the time to build links themselves. That’s why startups like Coinbase, Airbnb, and Stripe outsource their link-building campaigns… and see rapid growth as a result. 

Learn more about startup link-building.

Link-building for individuals

Whether you’re a solopreneur or a freelance SEO, we’ll help you land high-quality backlinks for yourself or your clients. 

You’ll get a 100% unique link-building strategy tailored to your specific needs.

✔ 8+ years of link-building experience
✔ lifetime guarantee
✔ native English writers

Free tips on assessing the link quality yourself

Not ready to hire our link-building agency just yet? Or maybe you want to double-check the quality of links we offer you? 

We got you covered. Here are some free tips that will help you assess the link quality yourself.

Step one: Check industry blacklists

The first thing to do is check whether your prospect site is negatively perceived by Google. If it is, you should be able to find it on link-building and SEO blacklists. 

Sites get on industry blacklists because they violate Google’s Webmaster Guidelines. You want to avoid such sites at all costs because their links could get your site penalized or deindexed. 

You can use The Backlink Blacklist by LinksThatRank to check your prospect sites. You’ll also see why a site was blacklisted:

Example of a backlink blacklist

The reasons are usually backed up by screenshots that show you exactly how a site violated the Guidelines:

Screenshot of a blacklisted Fiverr gig

We always recommend checking several industry blacklists to ensure you’re not missing anything. (No one blacklist has a full list of sites you should avoid.)

But if you’re doing all the work yourself, maybe The Backlink Blacklist is enough. When you’ve ensured your prospect site isn’t on there, you can move on to the next step.

Step two: Check Domain Authority (DA)

We’ve already talked about domain authority. Essentially, it’s a metric that tells you how likely a site is to rank. 

You want to check the DA for every prospect website because the higher DA it has, the more link juice your site can receive from it. 

You can check this metric using Moz Link Explorer:

Moz DA for

If you remember what we discussed previously, you’ll know you should target sites with a DA of at least 25

Unfortunately, landing links on sites with higher DA scores, like Hubspot from our example, is difficult — especially when you’re handling your entire link-building campaign on your own. 

Also, keep in mind that Moz is a paid tool. You can use it for free, but only for up to 10 queries per month. The data is also limited in the free version. 

And the subscription to Moz costs $179/month. If you won’t use the tool regularly, hiring a link-building agency might make more sense in the long run.

Step three: Check Domain Rating (DR) 

Domain rating measures the quality of a website and its links by assessing a site’s backlink profile

While some agencies base their link-building decisions (and prices) on only one of these metrics, we prefer to use both

You can check the domain rating of any website using Ahrefs’ free Website Authority Checker:

Ahrefs DR for

Domain rating scores range between 0 and 100. Generally, we recommend going for sites with a DR of 40 or above.

Step four: Check traffic

When you’ve found suitable sites, you want to check their traffic stats next. Traffic stats will tell you whether a site is ranking on Google and give you an idea of how much referral traffic you could get from it. 

You can use SEMRush Traffic Analytics for that purpose: 

SEMRush traffic analytics for

Just like Moz, SEMRush is a paid tool. So, again, your data will be somewhat limited if you’re using the free version. But you’ll still get a pretty good estimate of how much monthly traffic a site gets. 



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What is a link-building campaign?
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A link-building campaign is a process of getting other sites to link to your own.

What are backlinks?
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You can think of backlinks as referrals (“votes of confidence”) from one site to another. The rule of thumb is that the more backlinks a site has, the higher its credibility and rankings. But the quality of the sites that the backlinks are coming from matters, too. Search engines trust backlinks from credible sites more — just like we place more trust in referrals from credible people in real life.

What is the purpose of link-building?
Down arrow

From a site owner’s perspective, the purpose of link-building is to increase their site’s authority so that it can rank higher on search engines. 

Does link-building still work?
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Yes, link-building still works. Just consider that first-ranking pages on Google have, on average, 3.8x more backlinks than pages on positions 2 - 10. That isn’t a coincidence. According to Andrey Lipattsev, a Search Quality Senior Strategist at Google, backlinks were among the top 3 ranking factors in 2016. It hasn’t been officially confirmed that’s still the case, but our own and other agencies’ tests prove so.

What is a backlink service?
Down arrow

A backlink service is a service that helps site owners build quality backlinks to their sites so that they can rank higher. Such service is typically offered by SEO and link-building agencies but may also be provided by marketers and solo SEOs. 

What are white hat backlinks?
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White hat backlinks are backlinks that align with Google’s quality guidelines. In contrast, black hat backlinks violate these guidelines.

Can I buy backlinks?
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You can buy backlinks, although Google doesn’t encourage you to do so. Google is against any type of artificial link. But most top-ranking sites still buy backlinks and benefit from them, instead of getting banned or penalized. It seems that Google has given up on punishing all suspicious websites since buying links is so widespread.

On top of that, Google can’t always distinguish between paid and earned links, so many sites can get away with paid link-building. That said, Google does punish websites that overdo it or exclusively get links from spammy sites. We recommend working with link-building experts to ensure you’re not crossing the line.

How long do backlinks take to work?
Down arrow

According to some studies, backlinks take 10 weeks to work (i.e., to result in one rank jump). But the real answer is that it depends. Both the quality and quantity of your backlinks determine how fast you’ll see results. For example, Moz found that high-quality links can yield results after just 4 weeks. Lower-quality links, on the other hand, typically take longer to work. Also, the more backlinks you have, the faster you’ll get results.


Our link-building services

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How many backlinks can you build per month? 
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We can build as many backlinks as you need. We work with site owners who may need only one or two links per month, as well as agencies who need hundreds. There’s no limit.

What makes you different from other link-building companies? 
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We ensure that working with us is 100% risk-free for your business. That’s why you get a lifetime guarantee when you buy links from us. You’re entitled to a refund or a new link if the link we initially acquired for you EVER goes down. Secondly, we only work with native English writers. That’s how we ensure your business is promoted through high-quality content only — because we understand how content associated with your name impacts your reputation. 

Do you track search engine optimization (SEO) results?
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No, because many other factors (like your own on-page work) could influence your SEO. We don’t want to falsely attribute your SEO results to just the links we build for you. We do, however, track every article we publish along with its indexing status to ensure it stays live and is giving you maximum SEO benefits.

How do payments work?
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We prefer bank transfer or PayPal. If you prefer, you can also pay via cryptocurrency.

How can I start working with you? 
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Schedule your free consultation or request samples, and our outreach specialists will get back to you within 24 hours. Here’s what the rest of the process looks like:1. You choose sites from our price list and give us the links and anchor texts you want to add to those sites.2. We naturally place your links within content written specifically for you by our top talent.3. After you approve the content, we submit it for publication and send you the link when it goes live.

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