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PrestigeLinks Digital Marketing Scholarship [2023]

Scholarship Programme for U.S. College Students

Announcing the 2023 Digital Marketing Scholarship Winners

The PrestigeLinks Digital Marketing Scholarship selection process for 2023 is complete, and we are pleased to announce the winners.

The essay topic for 2023 was:

As Artificial Intelligence becomes commonplace in marketing, AI bias is proving to be a big challenge for marketers. What should  companies do to reduce implicit bias in their marketing, and ensure their campaigns are relevant to diverse audiences?

We had over 600 submissions, and extend a big thank you to everyone who took part in the scholarship during its second year.


The 2023 PrestigeLinks Digital Marketing Scholarship has been awarded to Caitlyn Wells from Ohio State University.

  1. Essay title: AI and Long Term Reputational Risk
  2. Award: $1000

Congratulations, Caitlyn!

Runners up

In addition to the scholarship winner, we are pleased to award three runners up:

  1. Nadina Carrillo, University of Texas at Austin
    Reducing Bias in Marketing using Artificial Intelligence ($200)
  1. Carston Reeves, Pennsylvania State University
    Untitled ($200)
  1. Ravi Hegadi, Oregon State University
    Generative AI: Reinforcing or Challenging Power Structures? ($200)

Congratulations, Nadina, Carston and Ravi!

Stay tuned

The PrestigeLinks Digital Marketing Scholarship will run again next year. Watch this space!